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Think Unique - an award winning book for educators

Your comprehensive guide to cultivating tomorrow's innovators through Project-Based Learning.

Think Unique is a remarkably written book for educators who desire to bring out the very best in their students.   Ortal has clearly demonstrated her brilliance by providing an in-depth understanding of "creativity" and "project-based learning".  

As a school principal, I can use the techniques and tools written in Think Unique to provide professional development for my teachers on keeping their students engaged and maximizing students' creativity for higher order thinking!
Mrs. Green gives readers specific steps to understanding the "Five Stages of the Creative Process" and how to effectively facilitate project based learning.  
Personally, I found the tools and exercises for developing creative thinking most useful not only for students but adults as well.  
Ortal's combination of action research, professional experiences, knowledge of the "whole-child" along with her esteem writing abilities makes this book a fantastic read for educators and those who seek to improve creative thinking in students.

​Naim Sanders, assistant superintendent, adjunct professor, keynote speaker and an author 

"Ortal Green’s book gives teachers the chance to succeed when implementing a project-based learning approach by providing essential theory, scaffolding and relevant examples. 
Think Unique guides the teacher in ways that encourages innovation in thinking and design. 

Think Unique is a practical book that will give teachers confidence in cultivating creative thinking using a project-based approach."    

Phil Roberts M. Dispute Resol'n; M.Ed; B.Ed; Dip Tch; LTCL(T); MACEPrincipal Mount Sinai College

Think Unique - for parents

Raising a successful, innovative child 

"For parents passionate about being even better supporters of their child(ren), this is not a book to read just once. It is one to come back to again and again, as the journey within is one we need to take as parents for ourselves, as well as with and alongside our children. We as parents are our children’s best teachers.

This book gives practical strategies to identify and break free from our own constrained thinking from our pasts, unleashing our own creativity again. Then using this clear framework for design thinking in real situations, you can nurture your children’s creativity to solve challenges you’re facing together – making life better for you and your family.

We are all unique, we are all born creative. I highly recommend this book."

​Cathy Sheppard, International speaker, trainer, coach, mentor, passionate parent

"What a pleasure to read a book that has me pause, ponder and realize how I can incorporate it into my work and home lives! 

Thank you, Ortal, for sharing your craft, your insight, your unique thinking, with us, the readers."

Dr. Hope Blecher, educator with 35+ years K-college

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